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Current Amplifier

A range of current amplifiers are available from ultra low noise (0.18 fA/√Hz), high band width (400kHz) and high gain (10E13V/A). Designed with a small modular construction these current amplifiers are ideal for both lab and OEM applications. With many models to choose from, all applications needs can be met, including photodetection with PMTs and photodiodes, spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy, ionisation detectors and capacitative (pyro, piezo) detectors. These modules are small and offer short electrical connections to the detector before the signal-to-noise ratio significantly decreases due to cable capacitance and noise pickup.

Ultra-low Noise Current Amplifiers Series LCA

Ultra-low-noise current amplifiers for Sub fA to 1 μA signal recovery

Current Amplifier

In order to achieve an extremely low noise performance very high gains were chosen, while nevertheless minimizing the associated bandwidth reduction.


Thus, as a result of our sophisticated development efforts we can offer a professional "High-End" Current Amplifier line. The noise performance of our products surpasses by far that of conventionally designed OpAmp current-to-voltage converters at the corresponding bandwidth.


Applications include: Photodetection with PMTs and Photodiodes, spectroscopy, scanning tunnelling microscopy, electron scanning, ionisation detectors, pyro amplifier, high gain signal amplifier applications.


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