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Multimode WDMs

Multimode WDMs in robust construction allowing a bi-directional or dual transmission on a single multimode fibre (at 850 nm and 1300/1500 nm). 

A component for telecoms, datacoms and sensor applications.

Our Multimode WDMs are manufactured using a proprietary process based on a dichroic filter directly deposited onto the optical fibre. They are optimised for 850 nm, 1300/1500 nm and can be made with standard GI 50/125 or GI 62.5/125 fibres. Other fibre types and wavelengths are available upon request.

Telecoms and Datacoms:
WDMs are widely used in telecoms and data communications to combine two or more wavelengths in a single fibre (multiplexer). Separating and retrieving each wavelength is possible in the receiver configuration (demultiplexer). WDMs provide a cost-effective solution for increasing the fibre optical signal capacity.

Optical Sensing:
Our multimode WDM consists of two optical branches (In & Out), and a common port. In fluorescence sensing, one branch is used to inject light towards the common port and to the measured sample. The fluorescence emission comes back through the common port and is injected into the second branch and to the detector.

This directionality is possible due to the wavelength shift between illuminating and fluorescence light. It provides a better solution than directional couplers as it does not suffer the 50% separation rates of the coupler, just the intrinsic losses of the component.

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