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Pump Combiners

Fiber-optic components such as pump combiners, mode strippers, endcaps, multiplexers, and mode-field adapters are increasingly being used in the area of photonics, especially in fiber lasers.

Pump Combiner

Pump Combiners for Laser Applications

Special high-power fiber-optic pump combiners, as well as other passive components, are required in the area of fiber lasers/photonic applications.

Pump Combiners

Passive fiber-optic pump combiners are specially designed for high-power laser applications. The power of a number of multi-mode lasers is combined to obtain a high output power in the delivery/pump fibers.

These types of combiners are mainly used in fiber lasers. This technology is used analogously in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA). Special conditions have to be met in the production of passive components in order to couple high power into the fiber without interference. High efficiency in power transfer is just as important as stability and reliability.

Lightel’s special air-clad technology makes it possible to achieve reliable input power coupling. Custom designs are also available upon request, both in single-mode (SM) versions and with polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers.

Cladding-mode strippers complete the spectrum to safely strip undesired modes in the cladding. Mode strip technology can be used both in the area of pluggable connections and as components in the area of delivery fibers.

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