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Active & Passive Components

Couplers, WDMs, attenuators, isolators, and circulators are passive optical components. In addition to these parts, we also offer active components such as optical switches.

VariDelay II - High resolution delay line with a total volume of less than 2 cubic inches
All fiber device that shifts/modulates phase

Optical Delay Line Modules

Optical delay line modules are used to produce defined optical transmission delays and to compensate for delay differences in optical fibers.

Fiber Optical Delay Lines

In fiber sensor technology, optical coherence tomography, and fiber-optic interferometers, the transmission time of the optical signal often has to be adjusted or delayed among the different optical paths. Different optical components and modules are available for such adjustments.

Fine adjustment of the delay time is carried out via phase shifters and fiber stretcher modules.

The manual and optical delay lines produce a transmission delay of up to 600 ps and greater. Special fiber coils are available for very large transmission delays. 

Optical delays of up to 100 ps, 250 ps, or 600 ps can be produced with manually adjustable VariDelay I series delay lines.

The motorized versions of the VariDelay II optical delay lines make it possible to achieve delays of up to 330 ps or 560 ps (MDL-002) and 100 ps (MDL-003).

Fiber-optic phase shifters or fiber stretchers are used to finely adjust the optical phase and delay time.

Different modules produce a phase shift of up to 15 pi and 75 pi. The fiber stretcher produces an optical delay line of up to a maximum of 3 mm.

FDE-002 PMD artifacts with a fixed differential group delay provide a defined, first-order polarization mode dispersion (PMD). These modules are also known as fixed differential group delays (DGDs).

Compact time delay coils (TDCs) are precision-wound fiber coils that are available at different lengths from 10 m to 4 km. They provide a defined delay.

These fiber coils are available both as OEM versions and in a compact housing.

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