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Active & Passive Components

Couplers, WDMs, attenuators, isolators, and circulators are passive optical components. In addition to these parts, we also offer active components such as optical switches.

PolaRITE™ Polarization Controller

Polarization Modules

Different modules are available to influence the polarization of light in optical fibers.

Polarization Modules

The polarization of light in optical fibers can be influenced in a targeted manner using optical components and modules. We have both manual and electrically controllable models available in our product range:

  • Polarization controllers 
  • Polarization scramblers
  • Generators to produce defined polarization states
  • Polarization stabilizers and trackers
  • Polarization switch
  • Detectors to simultaneously measure the power in the orthogonal polarization axes
  • In-line polarimeters and PMD compensation modules

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