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We offer light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from the UV range (278 nm) to the NIR range (1300 nm). Depending on the area of application, they are available with different housing options: in a TO or SMD housing, as a chip only, or with a fiber optic connection. LEDs have the advantage that they consume a low amount of energy, produce very little heat, and have a long lifetime.

Super luminescence diodes emit at peak wavelengths of 670 nm and 830 nm.

UV LEDs from LG Innotek

UVB / UVC LEDs (200 - 315 nm)

Powerful 278 nm UVC LEDs for applications in medical photometry, biotechnology, and sterilization.


While emitters in UVB wavelengths (280-315 nm) are primarily used in medical technology and analysis, the main fields of application for UVC LEDs (200-280 nm) are disinfection and water purification.

UVB Applications (280-315 nm)

  • Medical photometry
  • Biotechnology

UVC Applications (200-280 nm)

  • Sterilization
  • Disinfection
  • Water decontamination
  • Odor control

We offer UVB LEDs with an emission wavelength of 305 nm and UVC LEDs emitting at 278 nm, both with several different power levels. Technological progress is fast in this area. On request, we will be pleased to inform you which wavelengths and powers will be available in the near future.

With ever increasing output powers, new applications are opening up, especially in the UVC sector. Among these innovations are water-repellent (IPX) and waterproof (IPX8) modules for drinking water treatment that can be used directly in liquids. Thanks to reduced scattering losses, the radiation can unfold its disinfecting effect even better.

Part Number / Datasheet Wavelength Power Package
>> S6060-100 270 nm
100 mW SMD
>> S6060-125 270 nm
125 mW SMD
>> 2P2S-S6060 270 nm
360 mW Other
>> FL-S6060 270 nm
2 W Other
>> LEUVK37B50HF00 278 nm
2 mW SMD
>> LEUVA66B00HF00 278 nm
3 mW SMD
>> LEUVA66G00HF00 278 nm
10 mW SMD
>> LEUVA66H70HF00 278 nm
100 mW SMD
>> LEUVA66G00KF00 305 nm
10 mW SMD
>> LEUVA66H00KU00 305 nm
90 mW SMD
>> LEUVA77N50KU00 305 nm
300 mW SMD

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