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IR Detectors

IR detectors have been a part of our standard product range at LASER COMPONENTS for almost three decades. A distinction is made between sensors for the near infrared range (NIR) from 1.0 µm to 2.5 µm and those for the mid-infrared range (MIR) above 2.5 µm. IR detectors of all modes of operation are a part of our product portfolio and leave nothing to be desired.

InAs photodiodes are a spectral addition to extended InGaAs photodiodes and are used in the wavelength range from 900 nm to 3500 nm.

Detectors made of lead sulfide (PbS) and lead selenide (PbSe) function as photoresistors that detect radiation in the infrared (IR) spectral range. As a special feature, large surface area detectors up to 10 x 10 mm are available for delivery.

Powerful IR arrays were developed for applications in NIR spectroscopy. Arrays made of InGaAs and extended InGaAs are available.

Thermopiles are thermal detectors that detect constant light signals. Broadband-sensitive thermopiles are used in laser power measurement, absolute temperature measurement, and gas analyzers.

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