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Welcome to the LC Campus. Several times a year LASER COMPONENTS offers workshops on different topics. These events are either held at one of our sites or - during trade shows - on-site at the venue.

Fiber Optics Symposium

October 18, 2018 in Olching near Munich

Look Forward to Our Second LWL Symposium!

The LWL Symposium has established itself as a platform for all those who are looking for in-depth information on fiber optics regardless of the general media hubbub. At the premier event in 2017, all kinds of topics were covered: From the political framework and the FTTH strategy of Deutsche Telekom to current trends in transmission and connector technology.

For the second edition, your host Dr. Andreas Hornsteiner will prepare a similarly diverse agenda. High-ranking speakers from all areas of the fiber industry will offer short, informative reports on all the latest developments in market and technology. In between, there is always room for lively discussions – and of course for personal exchange.

Attendance is limited, so take care to register early for one of the much-desired seats.

What awaits you in 2018:

  • Deutsche Telekom AG, Mario Zerson:
    Deutsche Telekom’s above-ground fibre-optic concept for FTTH
  • Breitbandbüro des Bundes, Matthias Schulze-Mantei:
    Internet of things (IoT) - Overview
  • Power Telcom GmbH, Christian Großer:
    Protection and monitoring of critical infrastructures
  • STF ITech GmbH, Frédéric Dildei:
    Digital applications for the Gigabit society
  • OPTERNA WGD AG, Winfried Bentz:
    Inflowable connectors
  • Dätwyler Cables GmbH, Thomas Gehrke:
    Slim cables with new fibers in the FTTx environment
  • ADVA Optical Networking SE, Jens Schott:
    Encryption & security in optical transport networks
  • SWM Infrastruktur GmbH & Co.KG, Dr.-Ing. Jörg Ochs
    Energy Management 4.0 - Fiber optics as the basis for digitization in network operation

A summary of the 2017 event can be found at the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Parallel zum LWL Symposium wird am 18. Oktober das Infomobil der Kampagne Breitband@Mittelstand bei LASER COMPONENTS Station machen.

Mit der Informationskampagne Breitband@Mittelstand wird Unternehmern der Nutzen der Gigabit-Infrastruktur verdeutlicht. Technologisches Herzstück der Kampagne ist das Informationsmobil. Das neun Meter lange und drei Meter hohe Fahrzeug ist seit Februar 2017 in Deutschland unterwegs. Technologieparks, Kompetenzzentren, Gewerbegebiete, Regionalveranstaltungen sowie zahlreiche Projekte sind Zielorte der Roadshow.

Das Informationsmobil zeigt vor Ort anhand konkreter Anwendungsbeispiele auf, wie die digitale Transformation Kommunikation, Geschäftsmodelle und Produktionsprozesse künftig verändern wird. Experten des Breitbandbüros des Bundes (BBB) stellen im Rahmen dieser bundesweiten Roadshow Fördermöglichkeiten vor und beraten regionale Unternehmer.


Download the timetable for the LWL Sympoisum here
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The number of participants is restricted to 80.

Fill out the >>registration form and secure one of the top spots!


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Philipp Thalmeier

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