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Systems Used to Analyze Laser Beams

Testing the power and energy of a laser is important to ensure the safe operation of said laser, both for use in the laboratory and integration into laser processing machines or testing equipment.


Detectors for Position Measurement

Measure, Track, Align - Follow your laser beam in each direction.

Position Sensitive Sensors

The position-sensitive four-channel detectors with QUADrant detector technology scan the position of the laser beam at a µm-precise resolution. They are suited for lasers that run continuously and those with high repetition rates.

Position-sensitive detectors are available for the measurement of energy and laser power:

  • QUAD-E
    Energy measurement per pulse from µJ to mJ
  • QUAD-P
    Power measurement from µW to mW

For both versions are 2 different apertures available.
A USB 2.0 connection is integrated: This allows the data to be transferred to a PC quickly for almost immediate follow-up. A complete version of the current LabView application software is included in delivery. This software not only provides you with information on the pulse energy and laser power but the exact position as well. This allows you to align the laser beam correctly!

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