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Diffractive Elements for Beam Splitting

DOEs is advantageous when one element is needed to produce several beams.

Beam splitting by means of diffractive elements is advantageous when one element is needed to produce several beams or when very exact power separation is required. Precise positioning can also be achieved, for example, to create holes at clearly defined and accurate distances.

The following DOEs are available:

  • Multi-Spot Element
  • Beam Sampler Element
  • Multi-Focus Element

Multi-Spot Element

Using a diffractive element, a collimated incident beam is split into several beams. These beams are characterized by an equal intensity and equal angle to one another. There are both one-dimensional and two-dimensional (1D/2D) elements. 1D elements split beams along a straight line whereas 2D elements produce beams arranged in a matrix of, for example, 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 spots. DOEs with spots that are arranged hexagonally are new.

Beam Sampler Element

Beam Sampler elements are gratings that are used for inline monitoring of high power lasers. Due to their design, the ± first diffraction order can be used for beam measurement. Their intensity is significantly lower than that of the main beam and can be custom designed. Higher diffraction orders can also be used for measurement with even lower intensity.

Variations in intensity and changes in the beam profile can be reliably monitored inline with this method.

Multi-Focus Element

With this diffractive element several focal points can be created along its optical axis. These elements are used in sensor technology and ophthalmology. In material processing, several simultaneously emerging focal points can optimize the results.

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