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Safety & Sensor Technology

Today, quality control and the desire for absolute safety have contributed to the introduction of numerous sensors in our lives. Optical technologies have played an increasingly important role in this development because they combine the advantages of a small design, reduced production costs, fast measurement speeds, high precision, reliability, and non-contact measurements across large distances.

A position-sensitive detector (PSD) should be your first choice in sensors when determining the center of a beam spot. PSDs function locally analogously; they interpret the current produced by a photodiode.

Simple distance measurement devices and sensors used to measure rooms or calculate distances up to 200 m are now available in well-stocked hardware stores.

In the automobile industry, modern systems of speed regulation (e.g., adaptive cruise control (ACC)) aid the driver and lead to significant improvements in driver safety and comfort.

Laser Scanners used in production and in vehicle classifications.

All fires have certain characteristics (e.g., smoke, heat, or optical radiation of different intensity). When organic material burns, it has a characteristically high radiation intensity at approximately 4.3 µm. The radiation source is the hot CO2 product of combustion.

The story of nondispersive IR spectroscopy (NDIR) gas analysis began back in 1943.

How Quantum Cryptography Works - Application Fields for COUNT Modules

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