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Laser Power Detectors

Get accurate measurements with fast response times with Gentec-EO's thermopile or pyroelectric power meters. Available with various absorbers, with the highest damage thresholds you can find in their category, these power meters cover a wide range going from the nanowatts to multi-kilowatts.

Low Power Meter XLP12

Low Laser Power Detectors

eXtreme Low Power Thermopile - The XLP12 is a low power thermopile with minimal thermal drift and high sensitivity.

Laser Power Detectors

The XLP12 is the best device to measure from 1 µW to 3 W in broadband applications. Contrary to photodiodes, the XLP12 laser power meter handles nicely any pulsed laser, even slower ones.

  • Low Power Thermopile
    Noise level of a photo detector with the large bandwidth and high power capacity of a thermal device
  • Minimal Thermal Drift
    Only 6 µW/°C (with the IR filter)
  • High Sensitivity
    200 mV/W (without the IR filter)
  • IR Filter (XLP12F Model)
    Removes unwanted IR interference
  • Isolation Tube
    Eliminates power fluctuations created by air turbulence

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