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Optical Switches

Active fiber-optical components are available for multi-mode and single-mode fibers. SM switches are used in telecommunication applications and network technology; MM switches are used in highly precise measurement systems and sensor applications.

Optical Switches Multi Mode

Fiberoptical MM switches

Optical Switches

For extremely precise measurement systems and sensor applications as well as for telecommunication applications LASER COMPONENTS offers fiber optical multimode (MM) switches with a fiber core diameter of 50 µm to 600 µm.

There are switches are for all different kinds of requirements. Configurations of 1x1 to n x m (e.g., 1x8 or 2x2) are available.

The insertion loss of MM switches typically amounts to approximately 0.4 dB to 1.0 dB. This depends on the type of fiber and the configuration of the switch. These switches can be delivered with any of the standard connector systems.

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