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Pyroelectric Detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are thermal detectors; i.e. they create an electric signal due to temperature changes in the chip. This temperature change is caused by absorption of light. We do use LiTaO3 and DLaTGS as pyroelectric materials. Basically such detectors cover the whole spectra. However, they are mainly used for mid-wave and long-wave infrared detection (MWIR and LWIR). In addition, the usage in the THz region seems to become more popular these days.

Multi channel pyroelectric detectors

Pyroelectric DLaTGS Detectors

Deuterated Lanthanum α Alanine doped TriGlycine Sulphate (DLaTGS) detectors exhibit the most effective pyroelectric effect known. Their major application is FTIR.

DLaTGS Pyroelectric Detectors

DLaTGS is used as the detector material when the highest possible performance is required. Although there are many other possible uses, their major application is FTIR.

LASER COMPONENTS can produce any configuration:  In addition to the well-known VM configurations, we are also capable of manufacturing CM devices. You cannot get these DLaTGS CM devices anywhere else.

Temperature-stabilized versions.
TEC devices are also supplied in TO-99 and TO-37 packages: They are single-stage Peltier devices with a control thermistor. The purpose of these versions is to tune and maintain the detector in the operational sweet spot.

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