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Plastic Collimating Lenses

To collimate the beam of laser diodes.

The use of aspheres reduces errors in imaging to a minimum. The correction of these errors would otherwise require the use of several lenses.

In order to make the beam of laser diodes parallel LASER COMPONENTS offers a series of collimators. The focal distance ranges from 3.33 mm to 18.33 mm. Lenses with a diameter of 4.0 mm to 7.4 mm are available. The inexpensive price of plastic lenses contributes to keeping the cost of laser diode modules in the visible spectrum and NIR down. The operating temperature for the lenses ranges from 0 to +65 °C.

The CAW100 is a plastic lens of 785 nm with a numerical aperture of 0.195. It is mainly used as a collimator for diode lasers and will replace the lens type CAX100. The focal distance at the specified wavelength of 785 nm is 9.85 nm and the diameter is 5.2 mm.

The lens can be glued or mounted with springs. A mechanical mounting that overly exerts mechanical stress is best to be avoided due to the possibility of deformations.


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