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Beam Profile Measurement Devices

Inexpensive and easy-to-use CCD cameras (Beamage) are primarily used in beam diagnostics. The cameras are delivered as plug-and-play systems including software.

Beamage 3.0
Screenshot Beamage 3.0
Beamage 4M

Beam Profilers / Beam Profile Measurement

Quantifying and qualifying with beam diagnosis

Beam Profile Measurement Devices

The Beamage series stands for large-sized, camera-based beam diagnostics with a simultaneously high pixel density and fast data transmission. The CMOS-based cameras are available with completely new software.

Beams starting at approx. 50 µm can be measured using these cameras. Thanks to a comprehensive range of options, there are almost no restrictions for larger diameters.
The easy-to-use user interface is intuitive and offers many functions.


  • Fast transmission rates through USB 3.0
  • High resolution with 2.2 or 4.2 megapixels
  • Large sensor element (11.3 mm x 6 mm or 11.3 mm x 11.3 mm)

Special Features:

  • 2-D, 3-D, and X-Y displays
  • Background subtraction function
  • Unique “animation” function
  • Gaussian fitting
  • Semi-logarithmic curve
  • External trigger for synchronization of the camera with a pulsed laser

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