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The Gentec-EO monitors come is various sizes and types to cover all applications. Monitors with or without display (PC-based) and for power or energy readings, or both are available. The fastest digital needle display on the market are also offered.

Gentec-EOs M-LINK


Universal laser power & energy meter with unique noise suppression algorithm.


The M-LINK is a PC-based meter with the advantage of being compatible with every Gentec-EO type of head available (thermopiles, pyroelectrics and photo detectors) in both power and energy modes. The M-LINK is the best meter for precise low energy measurement, down to the femtojoule level, hants to its unique noise suppression algorithm.

The M-LINK is USB port-powered and is controlled via a unique LabView interface that presents many displays ans measurement features. the meter also has an external trigger to help you synchronize it with your pulsed laser.

  • Power Range: 4 pW to 30 kW
  • Energy Range: 30 fJ to 30 kJ
  • Max Repetition Rate: 1000 Hz with time stamp
  • Data Display: real time, scope, averaging, statistics and tuning needle (via PC)

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