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Setting Standards in Committees and Research Projects

Our activities are diverse. We make sure to use state-of-the-art coating methods and produce dielectric coatings with high laser damage thresholds for high-power lasers.

We create custom designs using modern software tools. This software derives the layer sequence and then transfers it directly to the coater.

In addition to the electron beam method, we also use plasma-assisted methods that are characterized by low drift: This includes both ion beam sputtering (IBS) and plasma ion assisted deposition (PIAD). We are not only well equipped with coating chambers, with which we are able to implement all standard methods, but measurement technology is one of our strengths as well.

This makes it possible for us to ensure process safety: the coaters are fully automated and computer assisted, and the layer composition is monitored online during the coating process.

PLUTO+ (FKZ13N13208). As part of PLUTO+, we check layer systems for 2.1 µm and 2.9 µm. We focus on the examination of plasma and its effect on coated substrates. This results in process-relevant plasma parameters. Together with our partners, we are currently working on new process diagnostics and are testing innovative standard concepts for industrial coating processes.

Nano-RuGIT (FKZ KF2638302NT4). We are responsible for the design of next-generation pulse compression gratings, as well as the development, production, and measurement of coatings with a high laser damage threshold. We take new approaches to the designs created for PIAD and IBS. Together with our cooperation partners, we structure layer systems and test them with respect to their effect on short-pulse lasers.

DIN Standards Committee
Furthermore, our technical director, Dr. Lars Mechold, is a member of the DIN Standards Committee on precision mechanics and optics NA 027-01-18 AA. DIN is responsible for establishing and revising standards, for example, for the measurement of damage thresholds.

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"We use state-of-the-art plasma-assisted coating methods, actively participate in research projects, and set standards by partaking in the DIN Standards Committee."

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