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Quality Management

Our Quality Standards Know no Bounds

Continuous Improvement:

Our Quality Standards Know No Bounds

All of LASER COMPONENTS’ production facilities are ISO 9001 certified, yet our idea of quality management goes far beyond mere compliance with standards. Quality standards must be deeply rooted in our corporate culture and practiced by all employees. The personal attitude of each individual is just as important as the objective criteria that are reflected in targets, key figures, and reports. We achieve this deep-seated sense of quality through a mixture of many small steps and measures from the extensive QM toolbox. At LASER COMPONENTS, we use various Kaizen tools, such as 5S and shopfloor management, or the excellence model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Our employees are directly involved in all measures and act out of a sense of personal responsibility to achieve a major, company-wide goal. In this way, we have already implemented important steps and significantly increased the quality of our products and business processes. In line with the Kaizen principle, which says “Continuous improvement means getting a little better every day,” we believe that we are far from reaching the end of the journey because true quality is a continuous cycle of planning, doing, checking, and acting (PDCA). 

ISO 9001

Defined responsibility, transparent processes. Quality management is an integral part of manufacturing companies. It ensures that products are produced reproducibly and further guarantees the continuous improvement process (CIP).

All of LASER COMPONENTS’ production facilities are certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

EN ISO 13485

In addition to ISO 9001, the quality management system at the headquarters in Germany is certified according to EN ISO 13485, which is required for the design and production of medical products.


Quality Management

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